Breadfruit brings one thing to mind: ‘oil down’, a one-pot dish of breadfruit slowly cooked in coconut milk.
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The breadfruit tree should be planted in well-drained soil prior to the rainy season to prevent heat and water stress. This tree can grow 12 – 18 metres high and spread 6 – 9 metres wide. Plants start to bear 2 – 3 years after planting and can continue for more than twenty years. Fruits can be harvested from February to September. The fruit is large, has a round to oblong shape and yellowish-green skin. The flesh is starchy, slightly fibrous and ranges from white to pale yellow in colour. Breadfruit can be incorporated into many dishes. It is used to make a local favourite, ‘oil down’, pies or fried to make tasty snacks called breadfruit chips.

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Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) Fosberg

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St Augustine Nurseries

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