Cashima is sweet in taste and somewhat like custard. It is also rich in vitamin C and calcium.
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This is a shrub with fruit also known as Jamaican/custard apple, that is sweet in taste and somewhat like custard. r. The skin colour changes from bright green to a pale whitish-green as the fruit ripens. The sweet flesh is white or very pale yellow, and has a custard-like texture. The fruit is edible, round, ovoid, or cone shaped and can be around 6-10 centimetres in diameter, with a lumpy skin. Cashima also contains hard , shiny brownish-black seeds that are spread throughout the insides.The fruit, often described as having a caramel or lemoncustard- pudding flavor, is usually eaten out of hand.Good source of vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorus. Fruits can be seen July to September. Cashima can be used in desserts, processed into refreshing drinks, ice creams and fermented to make wine.



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Rollinia mucosa

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La Pastora Plant Propagating Station Santa Cruz

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