Water from a coconut offers a refreshing drink while the meaty jelly  provides an edible delicious treat.
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The coconut tree can be planted in full sunlight and well-irrigated soil throughout the year. It has a thick, solid trunk and a crown of leaves at the topmost part of the trunk. Trees grow to a height of 8 – 10 metres and have an average life span of 30 – 40 years. They begin fruiting from 3 – 4 years. Young trees should be watered weekly and once established, they are drought tolerant. The coconut is a round fruit consisting of a thick, edible, white flesh (jelly) and clear to milky liquid (water) that is enclosed in a hard, brown shell. The shell is surrounded by a fibrous kernel. The white jelly-like pulp can be eaten raw, in chows or curried whereas the dry, hardened jelly of a mature dried coconut (copra) can be eaten by itself or grated into flakes to make treats as such toolum, bakes and sugar cake.

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Cocos nucifera L.

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St Augustine Nurseries

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