Doungs have a sourish to sweet flavour that can be enjoyed fresh, dried or preserved.
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The Doungs shrub or tree, also refrerred to as coolie plum, Chinese apple or jujube, bears small round fruits about 3/4 inches in diameter. It is a densely branched, woody plant with zigzag branches. Mature plants can be as tall as 8 metres with a canopy diameter of at least 9 metres. Branches typically have a leaf and a thorn at each angle. The fruits are edible and are similar in shape and size to the hog plum, they are initially green but have a yellow to pale-orange colour when ripe. Pulp is eaten fresh, dried, stewed, candied and preserved. Flavor sweet; moderate appeal. Fruit quality is best under hot, sunny and dry conditions, but can be planted during the rainy season to support growth and flowering. The tree prefers fairly light, deep soils, but it can be grown on marginal land, alkaline, saline or slightly acid, light or heavy, drought-susceptible or occasionally waterlogged soils. Fruits can be seen October to November.

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Zizphus mauritiana

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La Pastora Plant Propagating Station Santa Cruz

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