Ficus repens

This evergreen, climbing vine is the perfect plant to cover walls and fences or used as a table or hanging plant.
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Ficus repens

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Ficus repens, also called creeping fig, is a fast-growing, vigorous vine consisting of small, alternate, heart-shaped cascading leaves up to 2.5 cm long. This vine can be planted throughout the year in a moist, well-drained soil mix and bright, indirect sunlight or partial shade. It needs ample space to grow as it reaches 3 – 4.5 metres high and 1 – 1.8 metres wide. This plant provides excellent ground-cover and firmly attaches itself to stone walls, fences and the sides of trees by its adhesive aerial roots. It can also be displayed in containers or hanging baskets. Ficus repens should be irrigated regularly during the growing season and pruned as needed.

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Ficus repens

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St Augustine Nurseries

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