Jamoon, also known as black plum or Malabar plum, is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.
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The jamoon tree can reach heights of up to 30 metres and can live more than 100 years. It can be planted throughout the year, thriving in loamy, well-drained soils and full sunlight. Trees can bear fruits in 5-7 years with fruits ripening in June to July. The fruit is oblong and ovoid. The unripe fruit is green but upon maturing, its colour changes from pink to crimson red and finally to black. The fruit has a combination of sweet, mildly sour and astringent flavours and tends to colour the tongue purple. It can be eaten raw or made into jams, jellies, juices, wine, tarts and pudding.

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Syzygium cumini

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St Augustine Nurseries

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La Pastora Plant Propagating Station Santa Cruz

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