Leea (green)

The green leea makes an attractive border plant due to its erect structure and glossy, green leaves.
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Leea (green)

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This open tropical shrub becomes dense with age and can be planted year-round both indoors and outdoors. This variety of leea can grow up to 3 metres tall and 2 metres wide. It grows best in loamy or sandy soil and requires partial sunlight with moderate watering. It has distinctive multi-divided, glossy, green leaves that create a fern-like effect. Leea is grown mainly for its foliage, but it does bear small tubular flowers. Flower buds are rounded and scarlet red; the flowers open pink with outstanding yellow anthers. Leea can be grown in a shrub border or as a hedge but it is best grown to beautify your home as a houseplant.


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Leea coccinea

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St Augustine Nurseries

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