Thevetia is bright red and inedible. Instead, it is primarily used for medicinal purposes.
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The Thevetia is a shrub or small tree, that usually grows up to 6 metres or less with fruits that are bright red, fleshy and berry shaped with bright yellow flowers. The fruit has a spongy consistency, 3.5 cm long and 5 cm wide, 2 to 4 seeds, ovoid in shape, rounded to a side and depressed on the other side. The plant is mainly used for medicinal purposes as it can applied to heal ulcers and as a purgative to treat rheumatism and dropsy. However, special caution should be taken when handling the plant as all parts of the plant are poisonous making it inedible.


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Thevetia ahouai

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La Pastora Plant Propagating Station Santa Cruz

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