Palm (Pygmy Date)

This tropical palm, topped with an arching crown of delicate, feathery fronds, adds a glamorous touch to any landscape.
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Palm (Pygmy Date)

Product Details

The Pygmy Date Palm is a small to medium-sized evergreen palm that reaches a height of 3 metres and a width of 2.4 metres in size. It has a slender trunk and a dense crown of fine-textured, gracefully arching fronds. The trunk is embossed with diamond-shaped leaf bases. The arching fronds are delicate and can be burnt by direct sunlight. It can be grown in groves or as a potted plant indoors. It thrives in a loam-based compost in full sunlight with partial shade. This palm is drought-tolerant once established.

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Scientific Name

Phoenix roebelinii

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St Augustine Nurseries

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