Pigeon Peas (Tobago Variety)

Pigeon peas are normally consumed as a vegetable in the fresh, frozen and dried forms.
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Pigeon Peas (Tobago Variety)

Product Details

Pigeon peas are a good source of protein and a popular ingredient in ‘Trinbago’ pelau and soups. They are leguminous plants that add Nitogen to the soil. Plants can grow up to 2 metres tall and should be planted during the month of June. Harvesting can be done in approximately 7 months and pods can be picked when they are about 5cm long. Plants thrive well in full sun and well-drained soils. Pigeon peas plants are drought-tolerant and can be grown in areas with reduced rainfall.

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Cajanus cajan

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St Augustine Nurseries

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The National Seed Bank Chaguaramas

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