Pois Doux

Pois Doux  seed pods are covered in a sweet, fluffy and edible flesh.
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Pois Doux

Product Details

Pois Doux trees can reach up to 13 metres in sunny conditions. It is tolerant to a range of soil conditions and is also remarkably resistant to drought. The fruits are longitudinally ribbed, cylindrical pods which can be straight, curved or often spirally twisted up and measure 10 – 30 cm long. Seedling trees can start fruiting in only two years and flowering and fruiting can occur all year round.Fruits are yellowish-brown to greenly coloured. The pulp covering the seeds is lightly fibrous, sweet, edible and also used for ice-creams.

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Scientific Name

Inga edulis

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Location 1

St Augustine Nurseries

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La Pastora Plant Propagating Station Santa Cruz

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