Pommerac (Local)

The Pommerac fruit is fleshy and succulent with a sweet taste and can be incorporated in a variety of desserts.
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Pommerac (Local)

Product Details

The Pommerac tree can grow to 18 metres high and starts bearing from 3-4 years. Pommerac fruits can be seen from May-August. Trees thrive mostly in humid climates and can function as an excellent wind breaker due to its height. This tree bears a pear-shaped fruit with red or pink skin and white flesh. Typically, fruits contain a single large seed. The fruit is sweet and is usually eaten raw or used to make jams, jellies and drinks. Pommerac is predominantly  enjoyed in pommerac chow.

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Scientific Name

Syzygium malaccense

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Location 1

St Augustine Nurseries

Location 2

La Pastora Plant Propagating Station Santa Cruz

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