Pumpkin (CES Starz Variety)

Pumpkins are incredibly versatile as the flesh, seeds and flowers can all be consumed.  
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Pumpkin (CES Starz Variety)

Product Details

Our ‘CES Starz’ variety is a vining vegetable crop that does not require trellising, and can be harvested in approximately 3.5 months after planting. Pumpkins grow well in both rainy and dry seasons in well-drained soils and full sunlight. Fruits can weigh up to 6.8 kilograms when harvested. Drying of vines is a good indication that pumpkins are ready to be harvested. When ripe, the pumpkin can be boiled, steamed, or roasted.

Product Size



Apx. Weight Per Unit

100 g

Apx. Count Per Unit


Scientific Name

Cucurbita moschata

Product Type


Location 1

St Augustine Nurseries

Location 2


Location 3

The National Seed Bank Chaguaramas

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