Seim is a very adaptable and multi-purpose crop that survives well in diverse conditions.
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Seim is a vining crop that requires trellising and bears narrow pods that are short and light green in color. Seim bears in two months and continues bearing for 6.5 months. Plants develop best in well tilled soils on beds, with higher yields occurring in dry season production with irrigation. It is an exceptionally multipurpose crop as the immature and mature pods are harvested and cooked as a green vegetable and leaves can be eaten raw or cooked like spinach. The flowers can also be eaten raw or steamed, the root can be boiled or baked for food and the seeds can be used to make tofu and tempeh. Curried seim is a popular local vegetarian dish.

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Dolichos lablab

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St Augustine Nurseries

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The National Seed Bank Chaguaramas

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