Silver Mangrove

This low-branching, evergreen tree has beautiful, silvery leaves due to silky hairs which cover the leaf’s surface.
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Silver Mangrove

Product Details

The silver mangrove can be cultivated year-round in a fertile, loamy soil. It can grow 3 – 6 metres tall and 2 – 4 metres wide in full sunlight. This low-branching, multi-trunked, shrubby, evergreen tree has beautiful silvery leaves due to silky hairs which cover the leaf surface.  It produces small, reddish-brown, button-like fruits, hence it is also called the silver buttonwood. The beauty of the velvety silver-gray leaves make it a popular plant in landscape designs as it makes a stunning hedge, small tree or accent.


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Conocarpus erectus var. sericeus

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St Augustine Nurseries

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