Suriname Cherry

The Suriname Cherry is a small brightly coloured fruit that is sweet when ripe and rich in antioxidants.
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Suriname Cherry

Product Details

The Suriname Cherry is a small ornamental shrub or tree with interesting looking fruit that can grow up to 8 metres tall. Although the plant is not related to your standard cherry, it gets its name because the fruit is about the size of a cherry. It also has the appearance of a small pumpkin. This cherry tree starts bearing within 3-4 years and fruits can be seen at intervals throughout the year. It is tolerant of almost any soil type. Plants like full sun and are drought tolerant, needing only moderate rainfall.  Ripe Suriname cherries are bursting with flavor. The fruit has a thin skin, the flesh is orange-red and very juicy. The pulp has a tangy-sweet taste, with a slight bitter hint. The seeds are extremely resinous and should not be eaten. The ripe fruits can be eaten straight from the tree or used as an addition to fruit cups, salads, ice cream and can be made into pies or preserved whole in syrup.


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Eugenia uniflora

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St Augustine Nurseries

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