Velvet Apple

The Velvet Apple fruit is covered in velvety fur, with a taste and aroma comparable to peach.
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Velvet Apple

Product Details

The velvet apple fruit has a thin skin covered in a fine, velvety, reddish-brown fur. The flesh is soft, creamy and off-white to light pink with a sweet taste and aroma comparable to a ripe peach when it has ripened. Normally, this tree will take 3 – 5 years to bear fruit.  It thrives in tropical climates. It is also a slow growing tree that can grow up to 9 meters tall. The plant flowers in March to April and cultivation can be done during August to September. Velvet apples range in colour from golden-yellow to orange and purplish-red.

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Scientific Name

Diospyros discolour

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St Augustine Nurseries

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