Wax Apple

This tropical fruit, also called Java apple or wax jambu, is bell-shaped and has a subtle sweet to tart taste.
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Wax Apple

Product Details

The wax apple tree can grow 5 – 12 metres tall with a short trunk and wide crown. It produces large, glossy leaves and bell-shaped fruits. This tree can be planted prior to the rainy season in fertile, well-drained soil. It grows best in partial shade to full sunlight and bears fruits typically from May to September. The fruit has a thin, waxy skin and a light green to light pink colour. They taste a little different depending on their colour. The pinker the fruit, the sweeter they taste. Wax apple’s delectable taste has an incredible sweet to acid ratio. The texture of the flesh is crispy, crunchy, very juicy and rich in vitamins A and C. The fruit can be eaten raw or used in fruit salads.



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Syzygium samarangense

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St Augustine Nurseries

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